Auto Gruas Nadal, Mechanical Workshop in La Jonquera

Specialists in general and specialized mechanics. Multibrand Workshop

Grupo AutoGruas Nadal is a company dedicated to the automotive world that has been offering its services since 1973. Our founder, Mr. Baltasar Nadal, who had trained as a professional mechanic at the Seat dealership in Zaragoza, decided to start his own mechanical workshop in La Jonquera. Acquiring extensive experience in repairing vehicles of different brands due to its location at the European border crossing.

In 1978, he built his own multi-brand mechanical workshop, the International Garage, and began roadside mechanical assistance with a small fleet of cranes. He was chosen by Highways as a dealer to provide this service on the northern section of the A7 highway, from the Border to Girona Norte.

Later, after studying for several months in Madrid, he managed to become a SEAT agent in La Jonquera, becoming a reference workshop in the area and incorporating the activity of buying and selling new and used vehicles.

The company’s growth, with the increase in human resources and the fleet of cranes, led to its establishment as AutoGruas Nadal, S.L.

In 1997, it consolidated the authorized scrapping activity of end-of-life vehicles. Waste manager E-433.97.

In 2000, it incorporated a new activity by building a small family hotel, becoming Grupo AutoGruas Nadal, S.L.

In 2002, following European policies of liberalization of the automotive market, the figure of agent disappeared within the SEAT network, and we officially left the brand, although our close collaboration in after-sales services continues.

It is then that we decided to join the Eurotaller network, attracted by shared values: spirit of innovation, quality, and continuous training, always striving for service excellence, efficient work, and maintaining close contact with our customers.

Currently, Grupo AutoGruas Nadal, S.L. continues to work with the same enthusiasm and vocation for good service, developing activities such as mechanical workshop, roadside assistance fleet, authorized vehicle scrapping, sale of used vehicles, and vehicle storage; not forgetting the friendly Hotel Font del Pla, in La Jonquera. All this thanks to an excellent human team of 27 people, without whom all this service potential would not be possible.

We aim to solve your mobility problems and prolong the life of your car, providing quick, efficient, and safe solutions for the inconveniences of this great travel companion, our passion, the automobile.

Thank you for trusting us!


Grupo AutoGruas Nadal boasts a professional and trustworthy human team, backed by over 30 years of experience and continuous training. We have a wide range of tools and diagnostic computers that allow us to effectively and safely address problems and breakdowns of various kinds, offering you total assurance.
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