We are your Trusted Mechanical Workshop

We offer comprehensive service for car repair and maintenance

Grupo AutoGruas Nadal has a professional and trustworthy human team, backed by more than 30 years of experience and continuous training. We have a wide range of tools, diagnostic computers that allow us to provide solutions to problems and breakdowns of various kinds, effectively and safely, offering you total guarantee.

We work with official brand parts, or alternative brands, and if you prefer, we can look for used parts to better fit your budget.

Routine maintenance of your vehicle: Oil and filter change, timing belt change, brakes, following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Pre-ITV inspections, and if you prefer, we can handle the ITV for you. Inspection of gas systems, lights, brakes, etc. Tires: we have a wide stock of Michelin tires, but we can find other brands that better fit your budget. Air conditioning recharge. Hitch installation and homologation. Electrical and electronic faults. Interior vehicle detailing. Engine repairs, gearbox repairs, cooling system repairs, etc.

Discover all our Automotive Mechanical services

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