Car Maintenance

Maintenance for the longevity of your vehicle

It is important to regularly check your car’s mechanics to detect any problems that may arise in your vehicle before they become a major problem. At AutoGruas Nadal we offer a maintenance and repair service for the automobile.

Focusing on oil and filter changes, distribution, brakes, and more, we always follow the manufacturer’s advice to ensure that each intervention is carried out according to the exact specifications of your vehicle.

Mantenimiento del coche

Our maintenance services

We offer vehicle maintenance services that include the manufacturer’s official review. Some of our most common services are:


Regular oil and filter changes are essential to ensure the proper functioning of the engine. At AutoGruas Nadal we offer expert service that not only maintains the health of your engine, but also extends its life and avoids serious problems in the future.


The timing belt is a crucial part, and a failure in it can have serious consequences for the engine. In our workshop we take care of the repair and replacement of the timing belt kit professionally, guaranteeing precise synchronization and optimal performance of your engine.


Our specialized disc and brake pad replacement service adapts to the specific needs of your vehicle. We advise you on the best option and offer personalized quotes to keep your brakes in optimal condition, ensuring your safety on every trip.

Inspection of gas systems, lights, brakes, etc.

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