Tires Replacement, Care, and Maintenance

The good condition of your tires is essential for your safety. Generally, it is recommended to change tires every 40.000 to 60.000 kilometers. However, it is essential to perform regular checks and maintain proper pressure to maximize their lifespan.

In our workshop, we have a wide stock of Michelin Tires, but we can find other brands that better fit your budget. Our professionals will advise you on the tire that best suits your vehicle and your type of driving.

Cambio de neumáticos, cuidado y mantenimiento

Summer or Winter Tires?

The choice of tires becomes an essential factor, determined by our geographical location and the specific purpose of our vehicle. This decision influences road grip directly, a crucial component to ensure optimal performance.

But what is the difference between summer and winter tires?


Winter tires are designed for users living in cold areas with plenty of rainy days. They have a higher content of natural rubber, which maintains flexibility in the cold. The softer the tire, the better its grip. The performance of winter tires is higher at temperatures below +7°C.


Summer tires have fewer grooves than winter tires but have tread bars specially designed to minimize aquaplaning. They have a relatively hard compound that softens at milder temperatures to adapt to both dry and wet roads. The performance of summer tires is higher at temperatures above +7°C.

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